The World's First Self Adhering N95 Transparent Shield and Respirator

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Bamboo + Cotton are abundant polymers and intelligent, bamboo has more tensile strength that steel, is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, absorbs moisture in the air which carries viruses.

Silk fiber is strong, natural anti-bacterial and carries an electrostatic charge that attracts viruses.

Nano Silver(AgNP’s) have been effective in killing both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria strains. In general, AgNP’s the nano silver particles continuously release ions, which and able to kill viruses and bacteria.
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Activated carbon is a natural odor magnet and also pulls toxins from the air and fluids.

Testing by the American Chemical Society showed that hybrid materials which incorporated silk fibers tested as well as N95 respirators.
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Our Skin Therapy Layer (STL) + AIR SEAL

The only self adhesion face mask with skin healing material Chitosen: a natural biopolymer (polysaccharide N-aceyl-D-glucosamine). Its moisture harnessing properties are used in skin rejuvenation for burn victims , hip replacements to supplement the rate of muscle binding with implants, cosmetic applications for wrinkle reduction skincare, naturally anti-microbial, and antibacterial. Chitosan gently binds cell walls to microorganisms, suppresses microbes with a non-toxic mode of action, used for post surgical wounds.