Measuring your face for a SEEUS95 Mask

HELLO Wonderful PEOPLE !!! (Light Warriors)

First of all we would like to thank everyone for all your support and being part of this amazing community of backers from all over the world.
So, how do you measure your face for a SEEUS95 mask?
String Instructions if you have no printer or having problems with printing to scale or have problems with the A4 template. Or if you just want to do something different.
1. Take a piece of string (twine is good too)and cut it to the lengths
Large: 18 1/2" or 47.2cm
Small: 15 3/4" or 40cm
Xsmall:  14 1/4" or 36.2cm
2. Tape the ends together so they touch and make a loop. see pictures below.
3. Hold the loop to your face and hold so that the string touches both near your temples and under the chin.
Please note that the measurements were taken directly off paper templates, which were a 2D projection from the 3D model to keep the length and measurement the same for each size.
Also note that some of you may fit both the large and the small size due to the perimeter of the mask being pliable and adjustable. You may find one more preferable than the other. The perimeter STL adhesion layer has a width of 1/2" so the string measurements are taken from the inner most part of the STL layer and will cover more face area with the width dimension. 

See video below for how to put string loop up to your face. 

ViDEO OF HOW TO USE STRING to help with sizing: 
These two pieces of string were cut and taped together: One is from the perimeter measurement for the regular KN95 or N95 mask and one is our SEEUS95 mask small size, both measurements are exactly the same, note that the KN95 or N95 mask does not come in large, medium or small size will fit most face sizes and face shapes. 
Feel free to reach out with any questions or if you need our help!
As always thank you for your patience and kindness.
Love and light the SEEUS95 Team.